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Starting Over...

Made a new LJ account: dianachu
I made it because I didn't like this my username that I have currently ad I didn't want to pay to change it.
Also I never really used this account either... but I will definitely use my new one for sure!
I don't know if I'll delete this account or not, but feel free to take me off of your friend list now because I won't be using this account anymore.

I should use my LJ more...

What it says up there ^
Yes it's been a long time I used my LJ.
I really really should some more...
So I was thinking that I should post a little something everyday
and maybe even put a picture like those Japanese blogs! Hehe~
Anywhoo as of today Diana will try use my LJ more!
I'll do my best~!

Wahhh! EXAMS!

Eeep! This Monday is the beginning of exam week!
I have a exam for English, Science, and Computer Science.
For some odd reason I think I'm going to do well without studying... I know I'm odd.
Well even though I think that I know I should still study!!! For sure! For sure!
Or I'll screwed. o_o
I'm just sorta anxious to get it over with.

[off topic]
Did anyone know that there's a Romeo and Juliet anime!?!?! I just watched the first episode just now! Looks good~ Although the characters are kinda different, but still I like it!!! Now I'll have something else to watch over the summer break~!
Erm yeah, just wanted to post that. ^^;;
Back to studying now~

Pirates of the Carribean 3

Sooo! I'm going to watch Pirates of the Carribean tonight!
Hehe~ I'm not even a huge fan, but I'm so excited!!!!

I watch it last night and it was amazing!
My favourite scene would have had to be the "WIll you Marry Me?" one xD
It's was so great!!!!

Umm... if there's anyone reading that's going to go watch the movie all I have to say is stay till the end of the credits to see a scene that concludes the whole story!

LJ Newbie!

Hi~ I'm Diana and I new to LJ!!!
I've known about it for a while, but I never bothered to join until I found out one of my friends had one too!
And now I have a LJ account! yay~!


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